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Ying Han Technology Co Ltd

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46, Hwan-Gong Rd., Yung-Kang Ind. Dist. Tainan Taiwan

+886-6-2335 611


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Đăng ký tham dự sự kiện Kết nối kinh doanh (ngày 27/08/2021) với các Nhà sản xuất máy móc thông minh của Đài Loan NGAY HÔM NAY!


Ying Han Technology Co Ltd


Hannsa Precision is the general name for machine tools produced by Ying Han Technology Co., Ltd.

Starting in 1990 making machine tool components, Ying Han Technologoy has accumulated sufficient experiences and know-how in designing and manufacturing high precision components.

The concept of building quality machines stems from the long term supplying relationship with known companies in the field of machining center manufacturing.

Our sales and service network covers the globe and keeps expanding in all regions, We focus heavily on delivering satisfactory customer service with an intact construction of service call force to support regional agents directly from Taiwan headquarter or branch offices.


Vertical Machining Center

Target Markets in Southeast Asia or Asia

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Vietnamese Buyers, Manufacturers, or Sales Agent

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