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Solutions for the food industry by G4 Technology

1. General information (Product introduction should not be longer than 350 words. Provide readers with concise and crucial information only!)

An important part of the food and beverage production process is the need to print on products information such as:
- Manufacturing date (MFD)
- Expiration Date (EXP)
- Lot number

The above three information needs high accuracy. Therefore, if there is an accurate, reliable and cost-effective identification system to complete the inspection of the above three items, the quality of production can be effectively improved.

Solutions G4 Technology provides include:
- Industrial cameras: European and American USB3.0 cameras
- Software: Matrox Design Assistant (Matrox DA) / String recognition module
- Industrial PC: Matrox 4Sight GPM

This solution overcomes some difficulties such as:
- Production lines often have many types of products
- Each product will have a different size
- Conveyor stability and length limitation
- The liquid inside the product will blur the background of the image
- It is necessary to match the speed of the production line for successful character recognition

In it, a string recognizer, equivalent to optical character recognition (OCR), can quickly locate and read solid text in images with geometrical features and can withstand certain tilt and contrast changes, and have enough flexibility to overcome obstacles. Problem of setting meta and background blur. On the other hand, if the text is clear enough, the string recognizer will detect it, and if the text is accidentally obscured, Matrox DA can also automatically switch to presence/absence checking mode, which can effectively interact with changes in the production line.

Matrox Design Assistant's integrated development environment (IDE) allows developers to directly design web-based graphical operational interfaces, which can also efficiently meet customer operational needs.

For abnormal products detected by the above methods, Matrox DA can also send a signal to its part to eject and replace product in real-time and complete solution.

2. Applications

- Food & Bevarages industry
- Product Packaging

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4. Video

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