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AVIO Infrared Thermal Camera

1. General information (Product introduction should not be longer than 350 words. Provide readers with concise and crucial information only!)

AVIO, a brand recommended by Japan Airport Customs, has launched a new infrared thermal camera for human body temperature monitoring, allowing you to purchase high quality infrared thermal cameras made in Japan at local prices!

- The AVIO F50SA-FS Thermal Imager is an infrared thermal camera of the prestige brand for body temperature monitoring at Japanese airports. You can manually set the temperature detection threshold.
- With single-person static measurement mode, it can be used with access control system
- With simultaneous multi-person measurement, body temperature is checked quickly on the go without stopping, and up to 20 people can be detected at the same time. The product can perform temperature measurement remotely over several meters to avoid direct contact causing infection.
- With AI facial recognition, results are not affected when holding hot drinks, reducing the rate of misjudgment
- The built-in audible whistle will sound an alarm immediately when abnormally high temperature is detected, without loopholes in epidemic prevention.

Simple operation system, no high technical requirements for installation!

- The system includes: AVIO Japan thermal camera, server, monitor and floor stand, all of which can be selected to suit the needs of the venue. Products and installation services are provided at the same time!
- Easy to operate, can manage data, fully record data, images and videos, ... Data is stored up to 6 months
- Can change the user interface to Chinese, no language barrier
- Prevention is above all!!! The local price of only 148,000 allows you to own high quality products made in Japan!

2. Applications

- Hospitals
- Airports
- Office buildings
- Supermarkets

- Factories
- Public buildings
- Ports
- Train/ bus stations

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